The 5 Steps To Freedom Workshop

Are You Recently Separated or Divorced?
Is Life Not Going In The Direction You Desire

Discover 5 Trusted Effective Steps You Can Take That Will Transform Your Recovery From Separation Or Divorce Into The Path Of Freedom.

Using Our Trusted Formula For Transformational Success.
This Powerful Workshop Will Become Your Foundation Program For Your Emotional, Physical, Mental & Spiritual Journey Through Your Recovery After Separation Or Divorce.

Watch This Informative Life Altering Workshop In The Comfort & Privacy Of Your Own Home,

The 5 Steps To Freedom Workshop Overview

An Incredible Mini Workshop To Help You Start The Transformation Process 

Love EKG

This Incredible Mini Workshop Will Help You Move Further and Faster by Giving You a Positive Place to Start.

We Understand That When Moving from Married or in a Relationship to Separated and Divorced That There Is an Adjustment Period to Go Through.

That's Why We Developed This Mini Workshop. to Get You Started on the Path Ahead.

  • The Keys For The Path Ahead

  • Do You Hate Them Or You?

  • Tell Me Why Or Why Not?

  • Wakey Wakey - Open Your Eyes & Your Heart To You!

  • Look Through The Clouds Not Into Them

What You'll Get

A Powerful Mini Workshop With Real Life Activities, Exercises

And A Chance To Move Forward In Charge Of your Life.

Topic / Lesson One

Emotional Direction - Destruction Vs Renovation

Topic / Lesson Two

Learning To Love Or Hate Or Love Or Hate...

Topic / Lesson Three

The Reasons - Do They Matter?

Topic / Lesson Four

Creating You - With Clarity & Speed.

Topic / Lesson Five

The Healing Process - Heal The Wounds

Topic / Lesson Six

The Next Step - One Foot In Front Of The Other.

About Jayc Ryder

After a Near Death Experience in 2015, Jayc Ryder has dedicated his life purpose & meaning to connecting lives with Love. It is more than a purpose for Jayc, it is an obsession.
With a lifetime of experience, Love has multiple dimensions that when discovered unlock the mysteries and enable everyone to live a life of Love that they truly desire.
This 5 Steps To Freedom - Recovery After Divorce Workshop Unlocks Those Secrets.

Jayc Ryder
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5 Steps To Freedom Mini Workshop
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  • 5 Steps That You Can Totally Relate To
  • Key Activities & Exercises
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5 Steps To Freedom Mini Workshop

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