Is It Time For You To
Become The Rising Star
You Know You Are?

A Rising Star Is Someone Who Embraces The Journey of Life That They Are On And
Transforms It Into A Path of Love, Passion, Direction, Purpose And Transformation.

You Have A Direction & Desire To Experience Life, Love And Live Abundantly In The Life Of Your Dreams.

You Have A Path That You Want To Move Along And
Want A Supportive Environment Of Like Minded "Rising Stars".

You Are Ready To Step Forward

You Are A Rising Star

It's Time To Shine

Join Our Twice A Month Rising Stars VIP Mastermind Group

Online, In Your Home, Twice Monthly Group Coaching Calls, Monthly Activities & A Private Community

Love EKG

You Will Also Learn

  • How Love Affects Every Part Of Our Lives

  • How To Use Love To Create Abundance

  • How Actions Speak Louder Than Words

  • How To Overcome The Secret That Holds You Back
    - Quickly & Easily

Love Is More Than The Answer. It's The Greatest Way To Live Life. It Affects Everything We Do In Every Moment. Master Love and You Become A Master Of Life, Abundance, Passion And Purpose.

Real Relationships Live With Love. That's In Personal Relationships, Business Relationships And All Forms Of Connection.

No Matter Where You Are In Your Journey, Once You Choose To Embrace The Power Of Love, Life Gets Better. Even During The Inevitable Hard Times, Love Makes The Results Worth The Effort.

The 7 Dimensions Of Love Is The Secret Formula That Unlocks Love in All It's Forms. During The Rising Star VIP Mastermind Group Sessions You Will Discover The Incredible Depth That The 7 Dimensions Of Love Brings.

The Rising Stars VIP Mastermind Group Enables You To Experience Real Lessons On How Love Works Whether You Are Single, Married, Divorced. Separated, Looking For Love Or Wanting To Develop Yourself.

You Will Go On A Journey Into Your Passion And Your Purpose. 

You Are Here To Love & Be Loved.

Love Lessons Rising Stars VIP Mastermind Group Will Teach You The How, The Why Plus The Actions To Take, Using The Newest Methods That Have Been Proven to Work.
You Deserve To Live The Life Of Love You Desire.

We Invite You To Join Today And Discover The Real Meaning Of Living A Life Of Love

What You'll Get

A Community Built With Like Minded, Passionate, Committed, Leaders In Love.

Topic / Lesson One

The 7 Dimensions Of Love Overview. Insights into Love, Purpose, Passion & Abundance.

Topic / Lesson Two

The 1st Dimension Of Love. The mistakes made when in Love & how to master the lessons from them. 

Topic / Lesson Three

The 2nd Dimension Of Love. This is when the truth about Love & loving the self makes a massive impact.

Topic / Lesson Four

The 3rd Dimension Of Love. Igniting the clarity about Love and the actions we take. 

Topic / Lesson Five

The 4th Dimension Of Love. Are you looking for Love in all the wrong places, or the right places?

Topic / Lesson Six

The 5th Dimension Of Love. How to bring Abundance in Love, Money, Health & Well-being into your life.

Topic / Lesson Seven

The 6th Dimension Of Love. Commitment is a choice not a punishment. Dedication and Disasters.

Topic / Lesson Ten

Critical Conditioning - Overcoming The Sabotages That Have Plagued Us All Our Lives

Topic / Lesson Eight

The 7th Dimension Of Love. The final ingredient, without it Love does not exist.

Topic / Lesson Eleven

The Dating Go-Round - Breaking Up & Making Up Is Hard To Do

Topic / Lesson Nine

Love In Abundance. How Love really works enabling you to give and receive Love. 

Topic / Lesson Twelve

Love & Marriage. Now What? I Have The Love Of My Life, What's Next? 

Let's Begin Our
Love Lessons Today

I Invite You To Join Our Rising Stars Monthly VIP Mastermind Group
In The Comfort & Privacy Of Your Own Home,
Discover The Real Meaning Of Love
And How To Create An Abundant Life Of Love
About Jayc Ryder

After a Near Death Experience in 2015, Jayc Ryder has dedicated his life purpose & meaning to connecting lives with Love. It is more than a purpose for Jayc, it is an obsession.

With a lifetime of experience, Love has multiple dimensions that when discovered unlock the mysteries and enable everyone to live a life of Love that they truly desire.

This Group Mastermind Will Guide You To Unlock Those Secrets To Create The Life Of Love, That You Always Wanted.

Jayc Ryder

Rising Stars VIP Mastermind Investment

Twice Monthly Meetings Online In The Privacy & Comfort Of Your Home. 

Both Recorded & Live Available So You Don't Miss Out.

Group Mastermind
$97 / Month
  • Twice Monthly Group Mastermind
  • Recorded & Live
  • 7 Dimensions Of Love
  • Monthly Activities & Results
Group Mastermind Yearly
$1164 $970 / Year
  • Twice Monthly Group Mastermind
  • Recorded & Live
  • 7 Dimensions Of Love
  • Monthly Activities & Results

Have Doubts? We'll Answer Them

This is the FAQs section where you can answer the most common questions.

Is There A Time Commitment?

Yes, In Order To Get The Most Out Of This, You Need To Attend Each Online Meeting Or Watch Each Video Recording. There Are Two Meetings Each Month. Both Are Approximately 90 Minutes Each (This Can Vary Based Upon The Topic). 

What If I Don't Have The Time?

Then You Need To Make A Choice. If This Program Is Not A Priority For You, Then If You Have Monthly Billing, Simply Cancel Your Billing & Stop Being Part Of The Program From The Next Month  

If You Have Annual Billing, Then Contact Our Support Team To Discuss How We Can Assist You. 

Is There a Refund?

YES, We Make It Simple. 

If You Are On Monthly Payments. 
Your first monthly payment Is fully refundable. Once You Commit To Additional Monthly Subscription Payments, They Are Not Refundable Should You Change Your Mind.

If You Are On Annual Payments.

You Have 60 Days To Request A Full No Questions Asked Refund. After 60 Days, If You Still Require A Refund, Please Contact Our Helpdesk For A Discussion On How We Can Help Resolve The Situation.